About Us

Working within the Fitness Industry (Dance Fitness) we realise the importance of having a good quality, reliable sound system for our classes. We also recognise that obtaining this can be very expensive. Instructors often have a lot of start up costs and now getting the best music system doesn’t have to be one of them. We offer a deliberately small range of equipment for hire which we believe is the best instructors can get, providing the best sound and reliability whilst also being fully portable and manageable for any instructor.

As part of our hire service we can recommend to Instructors which is the best system for them, saving them the hassle of having to research endlessly for what they will need. We know that music equipment is a vital piece of the class and if it fails, the class might not be able to run. As such we also guarantee that if any equipment fails we will do our best to replace it as quickly as possible to reduce the impact on classes.

We also offer a full set of troubleshooting guides for all our equipment to quickly and easily steer you away from the common setup problems and quickly ascertain if a part of your music system has failed.

If you have any queries about what we can offer please see our systems or feel free to contact us.