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We believe that great sound helps makes a great class so we only offer equipment that we have used and know wont let you down.

We offer a range of equipment which will suit small, medium or large classes. They give a great sound quality and are easily taken from class to class.

We deliberately offer a small range of equipment to ensure that we can always give in depth advice and help troubleshoot any potential problems with ease. We also know what works in a fitness setting, and are confident in these systems.

Wherever you read mp3 player, please feel free to substitute in ipod or mobile phone as appropriate.


For small/medium classes


Alto TS110


These are called an active speaker, this means that the mixer and amp is built in to the speaker, so you only have one thing to take with you. The TS110 is 51.3 x 33 x 29.8 cm and weighs 13kg is has a 600w rating.

The Alto allows for an mp3 player and a microphone to be used at the same time and to have their volumes set relative to each other. Additional microphones will require an additional mixer in order to be used.

For events or larger classes, two (or more) Alto speakers can be wire together (daisy-chained) to give a louder volume and better coverage.


Medium/Large Classes


Peavey Escort 3000

peaveyPeavey wheel

Peavey stands



The Peavey system has a separate amplifier and two speakers, this allows for a stereo sound and a volume that will fill the largest of venues. The speakers attach to the top of the amplifier base when not in use to allow the system to be wheeled from car to class. The system weighs 24kg and is 100cm x 44cm x 44cm.

The Peavey Escort system allows four inputs to be used at the same time. ie three microphones and an mp3 player (although you don’t have to use all the inputs).

For larger one off events, two (or more) Peavey systems can be wired together (Daisy-Chained) to give a louder volume and better coverage.




PG4 Diversity Receiver, PG1 Body-pack Transmitter, PG30TQG Headset


Shure is one of the leading names in Microphones, and these are a great workhorse of a microphone. They are compatible with any of the amplification systems we hire out and will work with any other system you may have (a mixer may be required depending upon your current setup)

The microphone transmitters can be clipped on a belt or put into a mic pouch. The transmitters use pp3 (square 9v) batteries.

Up to 8 of these microphones can be used at the same time, however we cannot guarantee their compatibilty with other headset transmitters.

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If you are renting a full system and microphone from us, then there is no need for a mixer. However, we know that many instructors out there may already have a system which will only allow for one input (this is common if you only have an amplifier). This is common for instructors who bought a sound system to teach Zumba (not requiring a microphone) and are now broadening their class timetable to include other classes which benefit from a microphone.

A mixer takes and number of inputs allows you to change each of their volumes and then “mixes” the output down to a single channel (one cable pair of cables) which then plug into your existing amplifier.


Behringer Xenyx 802

xenyx 802

The Xenyx 802 allows the mixing of two microphones with an mp3 player and produces an output suitable for any amplifier. Don’t worry if it looks complicated, you can happily ignore most of the dials and we give full support to help you get set up.