Peavey Escort 3000

The Peavey system consists of amplifier and speakers. It contains the connections to allow up to 4 microphones to be used alongisde an audioninput (mp3/iPod). The system can also be “daisychained” with other systems to provide a much greater sound for displays or events

As with all electrical equipment, you should check before each use that all electrical cables are in good condition, with no cracks or splits. Any faulty cables should not be used and should be safely disposed of.

Any damage to the system should be notified immediately so that your safety can be assured at all times.

The Peavey system is not waterproof and under no circumstances should it be used outside or near any water source. Do not place any water bottles or drinks next to the system as they could be tipped onto the system.

Sweating on the system will cause premature damage and may result in electric shock. Do not sweat on the system.

The Peavey Escort 3000 is a powerful amplifier and is capable of generating loud music. You should do all you can to protect the hearing of yourself and your class. See the Instructor handbook ofr details of how to do this.

When unpacking the system the speakers are removed first, these are placed on the stands

Be very careful to set up and close the stands carefully, if carried out incorrectly this could result in trapped fingers.

On the back of the amplifier are 2 speaker outputs. The speaker cables connect to these outputs and connect to the inputs on the front of the speakers.

The speakers should be spaced as wide apart as possible to give the best stereo and sound effect possible. The speakers should be pointed towards the centre of the back of the room in order to gain the best sound possible

The Power cable connects to the back of the system. Just above the connection is the on/off switch.

The mp3 player / ipod is connected via a “jack to phono” cable (usually blue) this should be connected to the headphone socket of the mp3 player and to the phono input of the amplifier system.

once connected the sliders and knobs directly below the input affect the relative volume and sound of the mp3 player music.

For set-up of the mp3 player see the Mp3 player setup.

The microphone receiver is attached to the amplifier via a XLR cable, The xlr connection can be used in any of the four channel on the system. After connection the slider and controls directly below the connection affect the relative volume and variations in the sound of the microphone.

The slider for the microphone should be relatively much lower than the slider for the mp3 player. (you will find your own levels however with this equipment the relative levels should be 3 for microphone and 7 for mp3 player).

all knobs should be set to thier default positions (usually zero)

to the right hand side of the inputs is a graphic equaliser. These sliders should all be set to zero.

The Peavey Escort 3000 has an inbuilt overload protection system, as a song overloads on a channel (the graphic equaliser ranges) the corresponding led will flash. If the led lights for too long a time, the system overload protection will cut in to prevent damage to the system. As this happens, all the LEDs will flash and the system will go quiet. To rectify this, turn off the system by the switch on the back, wait until the lights stop flashing then turn on. The system will begin to play again. To prevent the system from overloading again, turn down the corresponding channel to the LED that lights.

The two sliders to the right hand side of the system control the overall system volume for the right and left speaker. These Should be set to define the volume for the class.

In cold weather, the system can become “cold soaked” and when switched on will just respond with flashing LED’s. This will persist for as long as it takes for the system to return to room temperature. To prevent this happening, ensure that in cold weather the amplifier unit is kept indoors and not in car boots.