Renting Terms and Conditions

We need to have a few terms and conditions, so that we all know what to expect from the hire and no one has any nasty surprises, we want to keep them brief though and straight forward, so here goes:

Fit Sounds is a trading name of Moky Ltd

Hirer Responsibility

The hirer *as signed below agrees to pay the agreed monthly fee to continue the hire of the equipment.

The hirer agrees to take reasonable and good car e of the equipment in order to ensure it has an effective lifespan.

The hirer agrees that gross damage to the equipment or damage which is not in line with normal wear and tear will result in charges equivalent to the replacement new value +25% to cover administration and replacement costs.

Water damage will always be treated as gross damage.

The Hirer will visually inspect the equipment prior to any use for signs of damage

The Hirer will notify Fit Sounds as soon as reasonably practicable of any damage which may affect the lifespan of the equipment.

The Hirer agrees not to use any equipment which shows signs of damage which may be hazardous, such as faulty wiring and to notify Fit Sounds as soon as possible.

The Hirer agrees to follow all the instructions and recommendations regarding the use of the equipment. Special note is to be made of the use of the equipment around water, or outside (which is not allowed)

The hirer agrees to take suitable precautions and undertake a risk assessment for any use of the equipment in order to safeguard their own and and any customer / member of the public’s health and safety.

The hirer agrees to make the equipment available for return within 1 month of notice (written or verbal)

The hirer agrees to a minimum rental period of 6 months

The hirer agrees to give at least 1 months notice of the end of this agreement

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the safe keeping of the equipment. Lost or stolen equipment will be charged for at the market rate. You should check with your home and car insurance to ensure that it would be covered in the event of theft, fire or car accident damage. The hirer agrees to pay Fit Sounds for the equipment that is lost or stolen. This will be a equal to the purchase price for new equipment. Equipment that is not returned upon request will be charged and owed at the equivalent rate for the purchase price of new equipment +25% to cover administration charges.

Unpaid hire charges will be passed to a debt collection agency for recovery. The hirer agrees to pay a fee to cover this process equal to the charge levied by the recovery company.

The Hirer agrees to pay a fee to cover the cost of the return of the equipment (presently a maximum of £20 but may rise to cover applicable courier cost).


Fit Sounds Responsibility

Fit Sounds Ltd agrees to provide the equipment and to maintain it in a safe and working condition.

Fit Sounds Ltd will repair or replace any equipment which is faulty and will endeavour to do this within a period of 7 days as per the repair warranty below.

Fit Sounds may end the agreement at any time by giving at least one months written notice.

Repair Warranty

Fit Sounds will endeavour to replace any broken or damaged equipment within 7 days of the damage being notified and returned.

The return procedure is as follows and must be adhered to:

1) Notify Fit Sounds of damage or equipment failure via the returns contact form on the website (this contact form is within the “equipment renter” section

2) Wait until a returns number is issued

3) Return the item via recorded delivery include a note stating your name/address /description of the problem .

Ensure it is properly packaged any transit damage will be charged for.

4) You will receive an email stating that the faulty item has been received and the fault has been verified.

5) If the fault is confirmed your postage will be refunded.

6) To claim back the postage, Write the return number on the postage receipt and post to Fit Sounds

7) The replacement will be posted out recorded delivery to the address on the first page of this agreement. If this

address changes, you should notify Fit Sounds

8) It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to take delivery of the returned equipment.


Microphone headsets are not included within the 7 day replacement due to their propensity to fail if sweated into. Replacement headsets may be purchased at a rate equivalent to the present market rate delivery. Broken headsets must be returned to take advantage of this offer. The purchased headset becomes the property of Fit Sounds and will form part of the rental agreement. It must be returned with the other equipment when the rental ends.

Important Notes

You Should carry out a risk assessment prior to using this equipment in any venue to assess the potential for injury to yourself, your customers or the general public of this equipment. These risk assessments should cover any significant risks and the steps you have taken to mitigate the risks. You should also record the residual risk and how this risk is managed. Some risks from the equipment are included in the notes below, however, this list is not exhaustive and you may encouter venue specific risks which should be addressed.

Some of the rented equipment may be able to to produce volumes that are able to cause permanent hearing damage, it is your responsibility to take reasonable precautions to protect both your own and your customers hearing.

Water, including sweat will darnage many parts of the equipment

Be aware that parts of the equipment may be heavy and could cause injusry if lifted unaided

All user manuals are available on the renters area of ensure that you familiarse yourself with them and any risks that may be present.

Some equipment is very heavy and could cause serious damage, injury or even death in the event of a serious road accident. It should always be restrained in the car and if in the boot, the rear seat belts should be fixed in place to prevent failure of the seat fixing mechanism.

Never touch any electrical system with wet or sweaty hands.